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Alienware Showcases Its First VR-Ready Laptops, and Wants to Dedicate Efforts to Create More

The high-end gaming PC and notebook makers are making sure what they make from now on will be compatible.

Alienware is getting serious about virtual reality (VR) – just as serious as they are about gaming – which is why they are announcing their first VR-ready notebooks that will be coming out this month, featuring all of the top specifications that are needed for them to handle what most PCs can’t, let alone laptops.

They will feature capable graphics cards such as NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 10-Series graphics cards, as well as AMD RX 480, there will also be the more powerful of Intel’s processors featured in the laptops with its i7 and i7K, and there will be more structural magnesium to make sure it is as rigid as possible. As well as this, in the press briefing it was said that Alienware had been working with both HTC and Oculus to make sure their future releases will all be VR-ready.


It was also said that not only do the laptops handle VR and gaming technically, but also physically, as they are built to take the physical abuse of the more emotional gamers – something that isn’t necessarily associated with VR gaming, but gives that added value to the notebooks.

Back in 2002, Alienware was the first company to make a gaming laptop, and so it really only makes sense for them to have created some high-tech VR gaming laptops. When talking about the history and progression of the company, it was said that “we want VR to be our next 20 years like what gaming has been the past 20 years”, which gives great gravity to how much the company wants to give to creating the best hardware for VR.

These laptops have been officially showcased at the Seattle-based event PAX West, and there at the event they will be running VR on the laptops. Pricing for the laptops will be announced as they become available.

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