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VRNinja Dojo

Become a Master Assassin as VRNinja Arrives on Steam

Avoid the incoming projectiles in this ninja themed dodging title.

In July MADSOFT Games and OutOfBounds Software Solutions Inc. announced VRNinja, their first virtual reality (VR) title by launching a Steam Greenlight campaign. That was a success and earlier this month VRNinja arrived for Oculus Rift on Oculus Home. Now the developer and publisher have launched the videogame on Steam for the HTC Vive as well as Oculus Rift.

VRNinja isn’t your traditional stealthy ninja title where players go around killing enemies with ninja stars and leaping between rooftops silently. Set in scenic Japanese locations, VRNinja is a fast paced, quick reflex dodging videogame where all manner of projectiles are thrown at the player, all of which must be avoided.


Featuring two gameplay modes, Campaign and Arcade, each will train players to become dodging masters. In the Campaign increasingly difficult waves of projectiles, with four in total, need to be avoided, the straight-flying Kunai, the swirling and twirling Rockets, the curving Shuriken and deadly Kunai Bombs. While Arcade mode is all about endless dodging.

There are three Japanese-inspired levels: the Dojo, the Hot Springs, and the Nighttime levels. To aid players when it all gets to much are the bowls of flying ramen. Grab on of these to slow down time and catch a breath, but be aware the power-up only last for a short while before the action begins again.

VRNinja is available on Steam for £6.99 GBP, and for all the latest VR releases on Steam, keep reading VRFocus.

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