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Breaking Fourth’s VR Drama Ctrl To Launch On the Oculus Store For Gear VR

Previously this title made its rounds as a theatrical premiere, but now you can enjoy it from home.

You may remember back when VRFocus reported on a theatrical debut of Breaking Fourth’s Ctrl, which proved to be one of the more impressive examples of a virtual reality (VR) premiere and cinematic experience that leaves the viewer with much more than a polite smile and nod. It has now been announced that the title will be available for those with Gear VR head-mounted displays (HMD).

Not much can be shared about Ctrl as it really is the unraveling of events that gives the narrative real impact, and rarely leaves audiences with much to say afterwards. You follow Liam as he competes in an e-sports competition to win enough money to help him and his mother out of their situation. Viewers take the stance of an onlooking statue in the middle of the stadium of the videogame, looking up at both Liam through his webcam and the two presenters who are hosting the competition.


In a press release David Keskel, CEO and Founder of Breaking Fourth, said: “Virtual reality is an incredible medium for telling stories. Ctrl shows creators what possibilities exist for dramatic, powerful, engaging content. With 15-20 minutes in VR, you can achieve a level of emotional and narrative intensity that would take more than an hour to reach in film. At a time when our attention is fractured and our time is limited, VR offers a concentrated blast of powerful, emotional connections.”

The 20-minute drama is to be released on the Oculus Store tomorrow, 8th September, for £2.99 (GBP), or $3.99 (USD).

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