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Datura VR on PlayStation 3

Check out VR Running on the PlayStation 3

Think the PlayStation 4 was the first console capable of running VR? Think again.

The launch of the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) is rapidly approaching, exclusively for PlayStation 4 owners. Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has made no secret of the device’s long gestation period, yet little is known about what existed outside of the company’s internal research teams. As it turns out, keen experimenters beat SIE to the punch by an entire console generation.

Datura VR on PlayStation 3

Through the use of popular PlayStation 3 videogame Datura, Plastic Studios made incorporated the Sony HMZ-T1 HMD with PlayStation Move tracking technology, as seen in early PlayStation VR prototype reveals, along with the PlayStation Eye camera, PlayStation Move controllers and PlayStation 3 itself to create a brand new version of the videogame. Here, movements were tracked in real-time and actions, such as cutting through handcuffs with a handsaw, called upon direct motion-tracked input.

Datura launched on PlayStation 3 as an exclusive release back in 2012 to decidedly mixed reviews. How would a virtual reality (VR) edition of the videogame have faired? Perhaps we’ll never know, but Plastic Studios has put together a video detailing their experiences, available below.

The PlayStation VR HMD is set to launch on 13th October 2016. To ensure you’re ready for launch check out VRFocusguide to the best accessories for PlayStation VR.

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