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Descent: Underground: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Descent: Underground features 27 Steam Achievements to unlock.

Descent: Underground, one of the newest entries in the classic six-degree-of-free (6DOF) shooter genre launched on Steam in October 2015. Developer Descendent Studios Inc. earlier this year brought support to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive head-mounted displays (HMDs). The videogame includes 27 Steam Achievements and VRFocus has the full run down below.

Still in early access, Descent: Underground features a wide variety of ships, weapons and levels, with the team continuously adding new updates every month. Descent: Underground is currently available for download priced at £22.99 GBP.

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Full Achievement List:


Steam Link Medal

Account Linked with DESCENDENTSTUDIOS.com account


Force Majeure II

Become a Force of Nature 10 times.


Force Majeure III

Become a Force of Nature 25 times.


Force Majeure I

Become a Force of Nature 5 times.


Menacing V


Menacing IV


Force Majeure IV


Titan of the Underground I

Prove Yourself Unstoppable 2 times.


Titan of the Underground IV


Titan of the Underground V


Titan of the Underground III

Prove Yourself Unstoppable 10 times.


Titan of the Underground II

Prove Yourself Unstoppable 5 times.


Menacing III

Menace Society 50 times.


Force Majeure V


Menacing II

Menace Society 25 times.


The Streak IV


The Streak V


The Streak III

Achieve a Kill Streak 250 times.


The Streak II

Achieve a Kill Streak 100 times.


The Streak I

Achieve a Kill Streak 50 times.


On A Rampage I

Go on a Rampage 25 times.


On A Rampage II

Go on a Rampage 50 times.


Menacing I

Menace Society 10 times.


On A Rampage V


On A Rampage IV


On A Rampage III

Go on a Rampage 100 times.



Who Knows?

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