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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Producer Hints At VR Ventures But No Full Adaption

It was reported that Eidos Montreal was talking about giving VR a go, but not in the way you’re hoping for.

You could be forgiven for wanting more AAA games to join the virtual reality (VR) revolution, especially after the display at the Electronic Entertaniment Expo (E3) this summer with Fallout 4 and Doom stepping into VR. Now, the producer of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has been asked about VR, and there were mixed answers.

In a report by Finder, Eidos Montreal, Producer of the said title, was asked whether or not there was discussion of going into the development of VR, to which he replied “I think every developer is at least curious about VR so yeah, sometimes we do talk about it. But we never thought about just slapping this game on VR. Just the technical requirements to run this thing at 60fps on two displays would be completely insane. You would need a great rig.”

deus ex mankind divided

It was also said that there was talk of supporting a VR demo with a benchmarking tool for PC as it was “really cool”, but that is pretty much all that VR is to the producer at the moment. Montreal said that he wouldn’t want to put a non-VR title on VR without tweaks at least: “We were focused on just building the game for consoles – for the platform that it’s meant to be on. I think that, for VR, it’s going to go where the content will take it, and I think that it’s not about just putting a triple-A game there – I think we’ll have to have content that’s adapted to that platform.”

He was also asked if Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission had the right idea, to which he agreed that the approach was correct, to give a spin-off rather than full adaption.

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