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Dlodlo Launches Kickstarter for its V1 VR Glasses

A VR headset that looks like a pair of sunglasses, that’ll be the Dlodlo V1.

Back in August Chinese technology company Dlodlo held a special event in New York to unveil the Dlodlo V1, a virtual reality (VR) headset that looks like a pair of sunglasses. Then at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2016 the company exhibited the device to press and consumers alike. Now Dlodlo has launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign to bring the headset to market.

The Dlodlo V1 glasses are a lightweight (88g) mobile headset with a claimed 2400 x 1200 resolution, 90Hz refresh rate and a 105 degree field of view (FOV). The design removes the bulk normally associated with all-in-one devices by having a separate computer. Called the D1 this device looks pretty similar to a smartphone but essentially provides all the processing and power the V1’s need via a cable.

Dlodlo V1 - D1

The Kickstarter is looking to raise $200,000 USD and currently offers six tiers to backers. The first two are purely promotional while the third is an early bird offer for the Dlodlo V1’s at $529 with limited availability, and the fourth priced at $559 as the standard price. Neither of these tiers offer the Dlodlo D1 computer as the V1’s can be plugged directly into a normal PC.

The final two tiers offer the V1 and D1 together in a bundle but tier five has already sold out. For both devices at tier six the cost to backers is $888.

“Dlodlo V1 is a breakthrough in Dlodlo’s VR equipment development, and is a landmark step in introducing VR equipment to the public,” said Li Gang, CEO of Dlodlo. “It’s smaller, smarter, better looking and offers a better experience than other VR products in the market. We’ve made progress in every part from optics and electronics to material and structure.

“Glass V1 is just a beginning,” added Li. “The next steps of our product strategy are not limited to producing the hardware, but offering content that encourages sharing. We want more people to be able to enjoy the ultimate virtual reality experience anytime and anywhere, and with things like smart glasses supported by hardware, software, application, platform and community, we can build a real Dlodlo World.”

The Dlodlo V1 has been in development for around three years and the estimated shipping date for the headset is April 2017. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Dlodlo, reporting back with any further updates.

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