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EVE: Valkyrie Joint Strike Update Arriving in October

Loads of new features are incoming for EVE: Valkyrie players.

CCP Games’ sci-fi shooter EVE: Valkyrie has been one of the poster videogames for virtual reality (VR) since it was first unveiled all the way back in 2013. In June the studio released the first major update for the title, Carrier Assault, and today it now announced the next major update, Joint Strike will be heading to gamers in early October.

EVE: Valkyrie Joint Strike adds a giant list of updates, with new features, improvements and fixes. Part of the update revolves around the upcoming launch of PlayStation VR on 13th October, allowing cross-platform combat whilst adding a new co-op game mode.

EVE Valkyrie dailychallenges

With this new mode players will be able to invite friends to their squad, or use matchmaking to create a team to do battle against AI opponents. Whether its player vs AI or PvP, gamers will still get XP, currency and unlocks in the same way so they won’t miss out on valuable progression whatever they play.

Two new single-player Recall missions have now been added, revealing more of the backstory in EVE: Valkyrie, whilst helping players train for online multiplayer. There’s also going to be daily challenges that’ll give players the chance to build funds and stockpiles for crafting. Three challenge cards can be held at one time, with player able to refresh one per day.

CCP Games has added a game guide in the CAT menu, giving players information on many of EVE: Valkyrie’s key features, modes and mechanics. Fancy taking a ship out to test before heading into battle, a new Test Arena has been created to do just that. Test out weapons and abilities on the enemy and friendly AI that are engaged in a never ending Team Death Match battle and are programmed not to return fire. And if pilots want to practice their trench runs on the carriers they can do as the shields have been disabled.

There’s loads of other stuff including new paint jobs, decals, explosion FX, progression changes, chronicles redesign and more coming in the update so head over to the EVE: Valkyrie blog for all the details.

EVE: Valkyrie Joint Strike will be arriving the week of 10th October, and for all the latest news from CCP Games, keep reading VRFocus.

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