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EVERSPACE Early Acces Screenshot 02

EVERSPACE Game Preview Hits Xbox, Windows 10 Support Incoming with VR in 2017

EVERSPACE continues to widen its platform reach.

ROCKFISH Games’ rogue-like space shooter EVERSPACE arrived on Steam Early Access last week and today the studio has launched on Game Preview for Xbox One today with a Game Preview version for Windows 10 coming later this month. One bonus of EVERSPACE is that it features Play Anywhere so that gamers only need to but it once and they’ll have it for both systems, indicating virtual reality (VR) could be supported through Windows 10 store.

While VR isn’t yet accessible on EVERSPACE it will be available when the title fully launches in Q1 2017 for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive head-mounted displays (HMDs). And with Play Anywhere there might just be the possibility of the Windows 10 store adding VR support in the future. Microsoft officially announced Project Scorpio at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June which Xbox chief Phil Spencer said would be: “for true 4K gaming and high fidelity VR,” so it makes sense that it would also include Play Anywhere, but that won’t be confirmed until next year.

EVERSPACE Early Acces Screenshot 02

“When demoing EVERSPACE at the Xbox booth at E3, Gamescom, NerdHQ, Insomnia and the Microsoft Pre-Pax event, it got great feedback from anyone and it clearly didn’t disappoint at its release on PC last week,” said Chris Charla, Director ID@Xbox at Microsoft. “We are super excited to bring it to Xbox One and Windows 10 through Game Preview, even more being the first ID@Xbox title to support Play Anywhere.”

“Thanks to our friends at ID@Xbox, we had the fantastic opportunity to demo EVERSPACE to Xbox and PC gamers at pretty much every major games show since GDC earlier this year.” says Michael Schade, CEO and co-founder of ROCKFISH Games. “We cannot wait to launch our very first console game ever on Xbox One and offer PC gamers on Windows 10 a fantastic deal through buy once, play anywhere.“

VRFocus will continue its coverage of EVERSPACE, reporting back with the latest announcements.

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