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Happy Manager screenshot

First Details of PlayStation VR’s Happy Manager Emerge

Chances of a western release? Practically non-existent.

Following the confirmation of an official debut for D3 Publisher’s Happy Manager at the forthcoming Tokyo Game Show, new details on the gameplay set to feature in the videogame have been made available. Additionally, the first official screenshots have also been revealed.

Happy Manager screenshot

In Happy Manager, the player will take on the role of an apartment manger, with a building that houses just three girls. The player will interact with each of these residents in a first-person perspective, engaging in conversations and making use of the building’s facilities, including a swimming pool and gym. Random events will also occur, depending on the relationship the player builds with the tenants, such as meeting in the locker room.

The three tenants, Shizuka Sakurai, Barbara Christine Tachibana and Himari Takeuchi, have each been revealed through a short biography in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine:

Happy Manager screenshot

First up, in Room 302 is Sakurai Shizuka (voiced by Nakahara Mai), a 20 year old second-year university student at Izumi Sakura University. Born into a wealthy family, she is a very well-spoken and beautiful young female. She may be very polite but there are times she can act very odd. She is an only child who was primarily brought up by her grandparents.

Sakurai has an immense curiosity when it comes to alcohol, so head down to Room 302 to talk to Shizuka or bring some alcohol and sit and drink with her, maybe some new events will appear if you make her fall for you.

Happy Manager screenshot

In Room 204 is Tachibana Barbara Christine (voiced by Kugimiya Rie) who is a Senior at Hanasaki High School. A very “in the moment” kind of girl, Tachibana Barba Christine is a bit of an outcast due to her mixed ethnicity and the prejudice it brings from the other children – causing her to be distant with new people. She is currently working a part time job as a model.

Hang out with Christine in one of her favourite places in the manor: the Gym. Christine may start to look a bit down sometimes, so will need comforting.

Happy Manager screenshot

The final girl at Room 101 is the third-year student at Izumi Sakura University, the 21 year old Takeyama Himari (voiced by Kanemoto Hisako). She’s the eldest of the girls staying at the Manor and often helps her younger housemates. A very curious person who often gets excited by challenging new things, which gets a little over the top when she forgets to eat and sleep!

Prepare for a explosion of pink when visiting Izumi: pink curtains, pinks cabinets… pretty much pink everything, apart from the comics & her figure collection.

These descriptions and the warning that the player may receive a slap for getting ‘too handsy’ suggest a videogame designed specifically for eastern sentimentalities. It’s unlikely that Happy Manager will receive a release in western territories, similar to Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune. However, VRFocus will continue to keep you updated with all the latest details on Happy Manager for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

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