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Former Manchester United Manager Louis van Gaal Considered Using VR in Training

Before he was sacked he was thinking about a more immersive way of analysing gameplay.

VRFocus doesn’t often have a hand in reporting what goes on in sport – other than every Sunday when it is to do with virtual reality (VR). However, the latest to come out about Manchester United FC is regarding their former manager, Louis van Gaal, and how he was thinking about bringing VR into the mix to help in training.

Van Gaal reportedly used VR HMDs before Holland finished in third place during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, so it seems as though the manager is no stranger to the method, and in terms of Manchester United his plans were to give tactical and game play analysis during training. What this would mean is reviewing clips shot through their own eyes during matches, so this would result in a more realistic and effective way to look into what went right and what went wrong.

louis van gaal

In the report by the Daily Mail, Max Reckers, Van Gaal’s performance analyst, said: “The ones who are good FIFA players have a small advantage with the virtual reality. It’s not so much about them being old or young, but the type of personality I think. Some really like to observe themselves, others don’t.

“I didn’t want to be the guy who puts in new technology without the right purpose. You have to change to the situation and your players. United have everything, specialists everywhere.”

It will be interesting to see if any other manager in the Premier or Champions League decides to take on this method of analysis in time to come, as there can’t be just one manager thinking it.

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