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Futuristic Shooter Quantum Walker Gets Greenlit and Shows off Gameplay Trailer

Check out the impressive graphics for this title soon to come to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

You may not know too much about this title, but soon you might do from the quality of the gameplay. Quantum Walker has just succeeded in its Steam Greenlight campaign, and the Chinese studio, whose name translates roughly to Dimensional Interactive Magic, has also released a gameplay trailer to really show off how nice of a finish it has before the game is even finalised.

What first-person shooter (FPS) Quantum Walker is all about is fending off alien creatures from planet to planet in six chapters that you will have to advance through. Not only is this available as a single player experience, but there will soon be a multiplayer mode to come next year after the game has released in the form of a co-op mission.

quantum walker screenshot

All of the six chapters that will be playable will differ greatly from each other, placing you in environments that are themed by ice, field, desert, dense forest, volcano, canyon, and swamp. Each of these will put players through their paces as they fight against the Aotic Empire who are dominating the world with biological weapons and “fascist experimentation with [the] human body”. You, a soldier who was once part of the resistance, has been seriously injured in battle and is stuck in the military base getting treatment – but that doesn’t last for long.

The video featured below is of the demo that takes the player through the introduction of the title, and as is shown in the trailer the graphics and mechanics of the videogame are well developed bar a few glitches that will be smoothed out.

Quantum Walker will be available by the end of the year, and by that time it will also have an English translation rather than just a Chinese dialogue. It will also be available for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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