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Grave screenshot 1

Grave VR Gameplay Footage Showcases the Awaiting Horror

See the first gameplay footage from the upcoming horror title for HTC Vive.

Earlier this week VRFocus reported on indie developer Broken Window Studios announcing a dedicated virtual reality (VR) version of long awaited horror title Grave. Nothing had been heard of the project since 2015 then the team suddenly announced Grave VR would be launching on the HTC vive head-mounted display (HMD) for Halloween. Several new screenshots were released and now the first gameplay footage has been unveiled.

As the video below shows, Grave VR is set in a barren and desolate desert. Looking down the player can see several items that they have on them including a torch and flares. There’s not a lot going on so they head to an abandoned campsite where they find a Dictaphone with a short creepy mysterious message on it. Dotted around the site are various items, matches, cans and an unlit campfire. The matches can be struck, thrown away or placed on the fire to light it.

Grave screenshot 2

It then goes dark as the sunsets, and that’s when the first scream is heard, something lurks in the darkness. It’s then that items like the torch come in handy to see what’s going, they may even be life saving. Heading away for the camp into the dark desert there’s little to keep the player company other than the moonlight and those screams. As the video pans around shapes dip in and out of the darkness, long enough to see them but not long enough to know what they are.

So time to head back to the safety of the camp and the fire, but returning there offers an even creepier location as Grave VR is procedurally generated. Now there’s a dimly lit church and a giant spinning structure instead. Then a humanoid figure is spotted in the distance lit by the torch light, but while the other creatures have run away from the light this rushes straight forward.

As further details on Grave VR are released VRFocus will bring you the latest updates.

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