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Tammeka Games

Hands-on with a Weaponised Radial-G: Racing Revolved

Combat becomes even more intense on the futuristic racer.

Tammeka Games’ Radial G: Racing Revolved launched alongside the Oculus Rift as a pure adrenaline rush experience. The videogame was entirely built around the idea of going fast – very fast – and hopefully faster than everyone else on the track. Now however, that’s going to change: while the key to the videogame is still going to be crossing the finishing line first, there’s an opportunity to hinder your opponents’ progress with the addition of weapons.

A new build of Radial G: Racing Revolved will bring a small arsenal to players from today. This isn’t simply a case of dumping weaponry in the existing videogame and expecting players to get on with it however: Tammeka Games has added entirely new gameplay modes structured around the weapons and the effect on the races that they have. The existing race modes – both on- and offline – remain intact, with a new selection of modes being added to the roster.

Radial-G new ships screenshot 2

Combat Race and Combat Championship (the former allowing for online multiplayer or races against AI, the latter single-player only) are new selections added to the menu and see five weapons brought into action. The weapons mostly follow familiar traits for the genre, but mix up the gameplay well enough to invite new tactical gameplay; for example a mine will drop behind the player damaging and slowing racers on impact, and a homing missile is available to lock-on to vehicles a short distance ahead.

Though Tammeka Games has been vocal about wishing to avoid the ‘blue shell syndrome’, there is a weapon that will seek out first place. However, rather than simply targeting the current race leader and having a minor effect on vehicles in its path, this weapon is designed to disrupt an entire section of the track. Once launched the weapon will locate first place and then scatter mines all over a small area, making it difficult to navigate without impact. However, as it’s only last place that will likely be awarded this weapon many of the mines will have been cleared out by the time you reach that point in the track, narrowing the distance between racers opposed to automatically awarding first place to a different racer.

Radial-G new ships screenshot 3

The weapon placements are small orange icons on the track and can be easy to miss prior to familiarising yourself with their locations. The enemy AI has no such problem of course, and will use this to their advantage. Understanding the principles of each weapon is important not only to take full advantage of your own arsenal, but also to avoid a race-ending mistake at the hands of a rival’s missile.

The addition of weapons to Radial-G: Racing Revolved’s gameplay may have been predictable, but has not been taken lightly. Great lengths have been taken to ensure adequate balancing and alignment of weapon allocations. It doesn’t fundamentally change the core high-speed racing of Radial-G: Racing Revolved, but does offer a refreshment of the gameplay in a way very few updates possibly could. If that results in a new audience finding the videogame for the first time, it can only be a good thing.

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