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FearVR 5150 - Hollow Studios

Hollow Studios Announce FearVR: 5150 Horror Experience for Cedar Fair

Hear to one of Cedar Fairs three locations for a scary experience this Halloween.

Horror experiences work exceptionally well in virtual reality (VR) when professionally produced. Today production company Hollow Studios has announced a 4D VR experience, FearVR: 5150 will be debuting during the Halloween 2016 season at three Cedar Fair Entertainment locations: Knott’s Berry Farm (Knott’s Scary Farm), Canada’s Wonderland (Halloween Haunt) and California’s Great America (Halloween Haunt).

Utilising the Samsung Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD), the experience aims to immerse visitors inside a real horror movie. Guests will be greeted by ominous nurses at the Meadowbrook Institute, as they become the latest occupants inside the mysterious facility. Once checked-in, the new patients are warned of a dangerous, telekinetic female inmate known as “Katie,” who has just gone missing.

FearVR 5150 - Hollow Studios_1

For the 4D effect those brave enough to partake will be strapped into a specialised wheelchair where they’ll be bombarded with scares to shock their senses.

FearVR: 5150 has been made through a collaboration with Cedar Fair and Hollow Studios, with each of the three parks offering their own version or FearVR: 5150, creating variety between each venue. All the 4D effects and thematic theatrical practical settings were designed by Knott’s Berry Farm’s Jon Cooke and produced by technicians and artists from Knott’s Berry Farm, while Hollow Stduios handled the VR side.

“We’re going to take guests on an immersive experience … in a real-life horror movie,” said Christian Dieckmann, vice president of strategic growth at Cedar Fair, the parent company of Knott’s, reports OCRegister. “We can’t reveal too much,” Dieckmann added. “There are some things we want to reserve for those who come through it.”

For further info and ticket prices head to Knotts.com. And for all the latest VR news from around the world, keep reading VRFocus.

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