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How to Make Your Own DIY PostCardboard

It’s time to get the scissors and PVA glue out for some personalised VR creations.

Oh, if we could list the many creative ways Google Cardboard head-mounted displays (HMD) have been disguised in various packaging. But, have you ever seen a Cardboard that you can personalise with your own message to a loved one (or disliked depending on your disposition)? Google itself has released a printout that can help you do just that, and they have dubbed it as a PostCardboard.

Below is the list of instructions that are featured on the printout that is linked above, and it is open to anyone who fancies having a hand at sending out their own personalised Google Cardboard. Now, grab your scissors and glue, and make sure not to skip a step or else you might get horribly lost.

postcardboard camera


Put your personal mark on your postcard

This is the first and most important step to let you convey exactly what kind of HMD you want to send off. Perhaps a spooky overlay of the Sisters app for a Halloween sendoff, a sweet Invasion! bunny to someone who enjoys a lovely fluffy, or maybe a Google DayDream theme until it finally launches.

What Google recommends, however (and is pretty much the whole points of this creation), is to stick your pictures you have taken on your Cardboard Camera to the whole design to show off how truly artistic you are or how beautiful the surroundings you’re graced by are compared to their dull home. Here is a hot tip: refrain from sending crude pictures, think of the postmen and postwomen (or if they’re funny send them through to me).

Add a QR Code

This is where the real personalisation begins. What you have to do is print off your own QR code that sticks to the designated spot, pointing to the Cardboard Camera link.

Get out your real equipment, it’s about to all come together. cut out the bits that are indicated, but make sure you don’t cut off the wrong bits or else you will have to go straight to the beginning of this how to. After you’ve cut it out, stick it to the Cardboard sleeve to dress it all up.

Post it

After you have done all the hard work, you have to now leave your house and go post it – no technology used here.

Sit and wait for a response

This is where you can enjoy the fruits of your labour with the pure satisfaction of your recipient getting a little package of VR joy.

Alright, we admit this isn’t the most hi-tech concept that will necessarily benefit the VR community greatly, and that we aren’t Pinterest or a spinoff of Art Attack, but this is a cool little thing to be able to send off if you are a fantastically great VR nut who can’t get enough of sharing it. Happy snapping and sending!

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