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HTC Vive CV1 / HTC Vive Consumer Version

HTC Vive Partners With INSIDE to Ensure Security of Content and Monetisation

Copyright violations should be on the low after bringing on this security expert company.

Stories such as the breaking of security into major organisations that hold details of customers break out frequently, and HTC Vive seems to be doing what it can to avoid this with its latest partnership with INSIDE to integrate its security technology with the HTC Vive’s content and information. The two companies will be working together to make sure that users’ content won’t be taken, which protects against the likes of copyright.

Security breaches in terms of copyright results in loss of trust in a company and an industry as a whole, and HTC recognises this as it is detailed that “the most important factor in pervasive consumer and business adoption of virtual reality is a broad community of developers generating compelling content across multiple applications”. INSIDE has been brought onto the scene to make sure that all content is protected, as well as the monetisation that the owners generate.

HTC Vive CV1 Pack (Black Background Version)

“We are very pleased to be selected by HTC, an leading innovator in virtual reality, to create a significant breakthrough in the VR industry,” said Andrew McLennan, executive vice-president of INSIDE Secure’s Mobile Security Division in a press release. “Driving trust all along the VR content distribution chain will benefit the user experience by greatly enriching the content offering.”

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