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HTC Vive Title Raw Data Hits $1 Million Sales in a Month Claims Developer

The month old title seems to be doing well on Steam.

Raw Data, a first-person shooter (FPS) that launched for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) back in July seems to be doing very well for developer Survios. In a recent interview the studio’s CEO Nathan Burba has claimed the $40 USD title has already brought in $1 million in sales.

Not long after launch Raw Data went straight to the top of the Steam sales charts, and in the interview with Fast Company, Survios has also claimed at least 20% of HTC Vive owners have bought the videogame.

raw data cover art

“We saw a need in the market for a AAA title,” said Burba. “It’s more expensive than anything for the Vive, and more people wanted that…. By putting more money in, [and] having a higher price point, we’re signalling to users that this is a AAA title.

“There’s an opportunity to own a significant part of the marketplace,” Burba continued. “If you’re willing to spend capital up front…. There haven’t been too many big swings [at high-quality content]. I’d love to see another venture capitalist…take a big swing or two.”

One comment consistently thrown a virtual reality (VR) content is that they’re too much like tech demos or experiments, giving short experiences that don’t become bigger videogames. It’s possibly one of the reasons early adopters of the HTC Vive have jumped on board, and the fact that the feed back from players has been so good.

“One of the curious things that happened in the launch of a new platform, like VR, is that the early developer adopters, like Survios and the like, are going to be the early winners,” said Brian Blau, a media analyst at Gartner. “It’s great news, making $1 million. Everybody’s going to love that. For a new platform, it’s a fine showing, and proves the point that the CEO says, that if the quality is good, people will pay for it.”

The fact that Survios has hit what is a significant milestone in terms of sales does point to a market where developers can create high quality titles and start to recoup the investment, but it is still more difficult to do so than in the regular PC/console market.

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