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Serious Sam - The Last Hope

HTC Vive’s Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope Gets A Release Date

There’s only a few weeks to wait.

If you like your first-person shooters (FPS) big, bombastic and tongue-in-cheek then Serious Sam has been there to cater to gamers needs. At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) inde Croatian videogame developer Croteam revealed Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD). Then last month Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope appeared on Steam Early Access but Croteam were still staying quiet on a release date. Now the Steam listing has revealed when it’ll arrive.

Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope will launch for HTC Vive in just under three weeks time, in 17th, October 2016. In its early access state the videogame will feature two different planets with multiple levels, ending with a boss fight for each planet. Of course to get there players will have to wade through hordes of evil monsters that will stop at nothing to end Sam. But as always all the creatures are just cannon fodder for the arsenal of guns at the players disposal, pistols, shotguns, rocket launchers, assault rifles, miniguns and whole lot more are waiting to shred the enemy in two.

serious sam vr the last hope screenshot

The title is expected to continue in early access for around six months, after which Croteam will add more planets with multiple locations in each, enemies, weapons, bosses, powerups, an additional difficulty mode and more.

But its not just HTC Vive owners that get to enjoy the carnage of Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope, it’ll also be arriving on Oculus Rift with support for Oculus Touch. Oculus Rift isn’t listed on the Steam release but the title does feature on the Oculus website with the other Touch titles. As Oculus Touch hasn’t yet been given a release date neither has Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope.

Keep reading VRFocus for all the latest updates on Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope, as the title moves closer to launch.

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