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I Expect You To Die

I Expect You To Die Will Be Launching Alongside the Oculus Touch Controllers

All we need to find out is the official release date for both.

The main event for all of the Oculus fans out there, and those who love virtual reality (VR) in general, is hands down Oculus Connect 3 next week where there will be a fair few important announcements, especially in the build up to the expected launch of the Oculus Touch controllers. Once the news has been shared (hopefully during Oculus Connect 3) of the release date, we will know when I Expect You To Die will be released too as it has now been announced as a launch title for the controllers.

I Expect You To Die, as well as the Oculus Touch controllers, will be coming out later this year, but before they do the title will be showcased during the Oculus Connect 3 event.

I Expect You to Die New 2

“We’re always excited to watch VR fans try to solve and outwit the puzzle challenges in I Expect You To Die. Some escape the car level but far fewer survive the window washing level,” said Jesse Schell, CEO of Schell Games, in a press release. “Oculus Connect is the perfect time to debut the next level, and see if any players (aka agents) can persevere and make it through alive.”

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