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IMMERSE 2016 Speakers and Panels Detailed

See who will be in attendance for next month’s IMMERSE Summit.

Taking place next month is the IMMERSE Technology Summit for its third event. Hosted by the Washington Interactive Network in partnership with Envelop VR, the event champions mixed reality (MR), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) tech. Now the organisers have released a full run down of the presentations being given and who will be speaking.

Representatives from both Ford and AMD had been previously confirmed and the full roster showcases the wide array of professionals attending the summit.


IMMERSE will be taking place on Tuesday, 11th October 2016 at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, Seattle with full conference tickets costing $100 USD and student tickets priced at $40. For more information about tickets and the event in general visit immersesummit.com.

The full roster can be found below, and for all the latest VR news from around the world, keep reading VRFocus.


  • Elizabeth Baron – Virtual Reality and Visualization Technical Specialist – Ford Motor Company – Realistic and Extremely Efficient Product Design
  • Boaz Ashkenazy – Founding Partner – Studio 216 – Telling the Story of Place using Mixed Reality
  • Girish Balakrishnan – Virtual Production Lead Technical Director – Digital Domain – Keeping the Flow When Producing VR
  • Matt Bell – Chief Strategy Officer – Matterport – A New Way to Buy or Sell Your Home 
  • Bob Berry – CEO – Envelop VR – Opening Remarks
  • Joel Berg, DDS, MS – Professor and Dean – UW School of Dentistry – How VR and AR Changes Medicine and Healthcare
  • Lisa Castaneda – CEO – Foundry 10 – A Report Card on Immersive Technologies in Schools
  • Sandy Cioffi – Film and Video Artist, Educator – Director X Fair for SIFF 2016 – How Storytelling Changes with Immersive Technologies
  • Nirav S. Desai – Chief Technologist – Booz Allen Hamilton – Building inclusive AR/VR ecosystems / Productivity and Worker Safety
  • Tom Furness, PhD – Grandfather of VR/AR – University of Washington – Virtual World Society Presents….
  • Steve Hall – Managing Director – Vulcan Capital – Shark Tank – IMMERSE Style
  • Quinn Hawkins – Director of New Ventures – Redfin – A New Way to Buy or Sell Your Home 
  • Nick Hedley, PhD – Associate Professor in the Department of Geography – Simon Fraser University – Finding New Insights with GeoSpatial Visualization
  • Todd Hooper – CEO and Founder – VREAL, Inc – Shark Tank – IMMERSE Style
  • Eva Hoerth – Developer Evangelist – VREAL, Inc – Building a Strong Community
  • JJ Hoesing – Principal Software Engineer – Envelop VR – How Any Developer Can Crash the Virtual Reality Party
  • Holly Hirzel – Director of Production – Envelop VR – How Any Developer Can Crash the Virtual Reality Party
  • Uma Jayaram, PhD – EVP and COO – Voke VR – How Immersive Technology is Changing Sports
  • Forest Key – CEO and Founder – Pixvana – Creating and Distributing VR Video Content
  • Sonya Kim, MD, MBA – CEO & Founder – One Caring Team – Complex Healthcare Challenges with Virtual Reality
  • Lacey Leavitt – Joint CEO – MultiModal Health – Building Inclusive AR/VR Ecosystems
  • Vikram, Jandhyala, PhD – Vice President for Innovation Strategy – University of Washington, CoMotion – Building inclusive AR/VR ecosystems
  • Matt McIlwain – Managing Director – Madrona Venture Group & Mechanical Dreams VR – Building Inclusive AR/VR Ecosystems
  • Brian Mogen – Co-founder – MultiModal Health – Building Inclusive AR/VR Ecosystems
  • Trond Nilsen, PhD – Principal Research Engineer – RATLab LLC, University of Washington – Building a Community Around Immersive Technology
  • Lisa Picard – Executive Vice President – Skanska – Telling the Story of Place Using Mixed Reality
  • Daniel W. Rasmus – Analyst & Futurist – Serious Insights – 10 Breakthroughs That will Make VR Awesome
  • Aaron Rhodes – Senior Producer – Pixvana – Solutions for Creating and Distributing VR Video
  • Bill Richter – Venture Partner – Madrona Venture Group – Shark Tank – IMMERSE Style
  • Sandy Sharma – Executive Chairman – Indigo Slate – Industry Applications and Opportunities for VR and AR
  • S.So Masegar – Venture Partner – Madrona Venture Group – Sizing the Immersive Technology Industry
  • Richard Tapalaga – Senior Investment Manager – Qualcomm Ventures – Shark Tank – IMMERSE Style 
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