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Cmoar VR Cinema - DynamicLighting

Immerse Yourself in Your Favourite Movies with Cmoar VR Cinema

Cmoar Studio brings the Android app to PC this month.

While the core content being produced for virtual reality (VR) revolves around videogames there are looking at combining other entertainment mediums into the technology. One idea that has emerged are VR cinemas, where viewers can enjoy their favourite movies inside a cinema setting with a giant screen in front of them, all without leaving home. Now Cmoar Studio has announced its take on VR Cinema with an app that’ll launch later this month.

Cmoar VR Cinema - VrMenuInterface

Supporting both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive head-mounted displays (HMDs), Cmoar VR Cinema aims to bring that movie theatre atmosphere into the home. The software features full Steam VR compatibility, the ability to watch YouTube videos in 1080p, 180-degree and 360-degree support, PLEX support, a VR menu interface, dynamic lighting effects, compiling a favourite movie selection and more.

Cmoar VR Cinema is scheduled to launch next week on Wednesday 28th September via Steam. Cmoar Studio hasn’t yet revealed what the software will be priced at.

Cmoar Studio originally created the app for Android devices back in 2014, when it ran a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for Cmoar Personal Smartphone Viewer. Then in May 2015 the developer updated the app adding the ability to stream content from a PC connected via LAN, automatic subtitle and poster download options, as well as direct viewing of both 2D and 3D content via YouTube.

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