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Japanese Developer Gemdrops Announces Headbutt Factory for PlayStation VR

A head butting action title will be coming to PlayStation VR this year.

If all the PlayStation VR news from today’s 2016 PlayStation Press Conference in Japan wasn’t enough, Japanese developer Gemdrops has announced a new title for the headset.

The studio has revealed Headbutt Factory, a ‘headbutt action game’ reports Gematsu. As the name suggests, gameplay revolves around headbutting flying balls set in a fantasy cloud-based city. Very few details have been revealed but the information given so far seems to suggest that no controller will be needed, just using the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) to head the balls.


Headbutt Factory will be on demonstration at the Indie Corner of the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) later this week so expect more details to emerge then. Gemdrops plans to launch Headbutt Factory as a digital only title by the end of 2016.

A few screenshots have also been released showcasing the floating city in the clouds and several turrets which must fire the projectiles seen in one of the images. The maps seem quite large with interconnected towers dotting the landscape, whether players will be able to transport between them of their own choosing or are automatically taken there remains to be seen.

With TGS only a few days away there’s likely to be further PlayStation VR news coming from Japan, but Japanese titles don’t always get a western release as the content can be so culture specific. As new VR content is revealed at TGS, VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest announcements.

Headbutt-Factory_2016_1 Headbutt-Factory_2016_2 Headbutt-Factory_2016_3

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