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Start VR: New Caledonia VR

Life In 360°: A Step Towards Paradise

To Australia and eastwards to New Caledonia via this free experience.

It’s nearly time for a period that we at VRFocus will find exceptionally busy. For next week begins going from Oculus Connect 3 into Google’s little event at the same time (gee, thanks Google). Before – after the following weekend – moving smack bang into PlayStation VR’s launch. Delightful.

It’s enough to make you want to get away from it all. Which is why today’s Life In 360° takes us away from VRFocus‘s home base and to a new travel experience courtesy of Australian studio Start VR.

StartGATE takes users on a trip to New Caledonia, a French archipelago which is found due east of Australia itself. Created for the country’s tourism board you will be able to use either the Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard head-mounted displays (HMDs) in order to transport yourself to twelve different locations across the archipelago. From the Grande Terre to the Loyalty Islands or the Isle of Pines, a location which has earned the nickname of “the closest island to Paradise”. StartGATE allows you to take in the sights and sounds of a environmental and culturally rich area.

Start VR: New Caledonia VR

“We set out to create a sensory, interactive and exploratory experience that revels in the diverse and compelling stories of the New Caledonia people.” Explains Kain Tietzel, Start VR’s CEO and Creative Director.”As an active participant in the narrative, we experience the lifestyle, beauty and uniqueness of each location, as told through the stories of each locations local guide. Virtual Reality is finally achieving the critical mass that brands and marketers have been waiting for. New Caledonia is a great example of a tourism brand who have embraced the unique qualities afforded by the medium to tell immersive, interactive and stories.”

The app features four language modes and app alerts and is available now for free on both the iTunes and Google Play stores. Life In 360° will be back on VRFocus next week.

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