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Life In 360°: Back In Yosemite… Again!

Take a drive through the US National Park in the company of some very fine sports cars.

Our Friday morning visit to the world of 360 degree video and we’re back in American and also back at Yosemite National Park. I say back, as it wasn’t overly long ago that VRFocus was bringing you news of another 360 degree video from the park. That one involving not just National Geographic but also American President Barack Obama.

Yosemite Grand Tour

We’re taking the scenic route once again but not quite the way we did last time as today’s video can be found on Littlstar care of virtual reality (VR) production company Smash VR. In it viewers can take a trip not with the President but the Ferrari Club of America. Join a parade of prancing horses such as the 458 Italia, the California and F335 Spider on a guided tour through such sights as Bridalveil Falls, Glacier Point and Half Dome. If you look down you’ll also learn some trivia about the region too at points.

Enjoy the sights as well as the sounds of Yosemite as you blast through a tunnel at speed. You can find Yosemite Grand Tour: A Ferrari Club of America Experience here on Littlstar https://littlstar.com/videos/f265eebc, or below. VRFocus will be back throughout the day with a number of new features and of course the latest news.

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