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Life In 360°: Doomsday’s Salvation

You’ve probably heard of Svalbard, but you’re likely not sure where from. It is almost in the middle of nowhere, though to be somewhat more accurate it’s almost in the north of nowhere. It’s a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. If you were to draw a line on a map right from Greenland and north from Scandinavia it’s the group of islands where those lines would cross.

It’s also one of the most important places in the world. Because if there was to be a truly major global catastrophe tomorrow and civilization needed to rebuild one of the first stops for what remained of humanity would be Svalbard. Why? Because Svalbard is the home of the Global Seed Vault. Opened in 2008, Svalbard is host to multiple combined regional seed collections, for plants such as trees and crops which are kept in a sealed vault below the always cold ground. It’s believed that the specially sealed seeds will remain viable for hundreds of years, and in some cases thousands of years.

So what’s it like actually inside? Seeker Daily have been allowed inside to show just that in a six minute video that also goes into the work the team does in combination with other seed vaults around the world. One of which is in Syria – which as you might imagine, has resulted in urgent action being required.

VRFocus will be back for another look into the world of 360 degree video later this week.

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