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Saitek x52

Logitech Acquires Saitek for VR Peripherals Push

One peripheral company acquires the other for VR accessory development.

Logitech G has announced the acquisition of the Saitek brand, including the company’s line of flight, farm and space simulation videogame controllers. Championing Saitek’s strength amongst core gamers for Elite Dangerous and EVE: Valkyrie, amongst others, Logitech suggest that dedicated controllers for virtual reality (VR) experiences will ‘enhance the total VR experience’.

Saitek x52

No details regarding the value of the acquisition are currently available; however Saitek’s assets have become part of Logitech’s portfolio with immediate effect. A short statement regarding the acquisition has been released by Logitech:

“Simulation games are cool and getting cooler. Whether you’re into driving, flying or exploring space, there are fresh new titles available and more to come,” reads the official Logitech statement. “Some of these titles are even VR enabled and we believe that dedicated controllers will stimulate and enhance the total VR experience. Last and most importantly, we’re excited to be a bigger part of the simulation community.”

“We care about this space and want to do right by its fans. We have a vision that will take these products further, faster,” ends Logitech’s statement.

Logitech G promise to deliver more details on the expanding portfolio of products, including new peripherals for VR, in the near future. VRFocus will of course keep you updated with all the latest details.

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