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Neon Orb Shooter Cosmos Crash Out For HTC Vive As Early Access Release

Fill your ship up with colourful orbs, and there will be plenty more levels to complete in a few months.

One of the latest Early Access titles to test the waters is Cosmos Crash, which almost looks like the cross between the National Lottery and the ball-on-a-wire children’s toys in the dentist waiting room. However, fear not, as it is actually a space-based shooter that could be likened to Peggle for the matching of colours.

In this Early Access version, the aim is to fill your spaceship with the orbs that all run along a rail in space, and the way to do that is to shoot balls of a similar colour to the one you are shooting. Special items will show up every once in a while, such as bombs and ice, according to the last marble of three combos successfully shot.

cosmos crash screenshot

In the full version it is hoped that there will be more and more levels added until it reaches 100, and there will be an easy, normal, and hard mode. There is a possibility of a 1v1 real-time mode, but there is still much to be designed and materialised.

The title is currently available on Steam for the HTC Vive, and the price is expected to rise after it becomes a full title. It is expected to release as a full title in three to five months, and it is hoped the title will be playable for at least 24 hours.

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