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New Trailer for Secret Sorcery’s PlayStation VR Launch Title Tethered Released

Check out the new footage for the strategy title.

With Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE’s) PlayStation VR only a few weeks away from launch all eyes will not only be on the head-mounted display (HMD) but also the videogames available on day one. PlayStation VR is due to have quite a sizeable selection of titles with Secret Sorcery’s Tethered featuring. The studio has today released a new trailer detailing more of the title and its story.

The debut virtual reality (VR) title from Secret Sorcery, Tethered is a magical strategy videogame where players have to save the world and its inhabitants ‘peeps’ from evil. The new trailer showcases the hand drawn artwork and aesthetics that players can expect to see, with floating worlds, distant waterfalls and the colourful creatures that populate the world.

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On the PlayStation.Blog Alan McDermott, Creative Director, Secret Sorcery talked about some of the work that’s gone into Tethered: “As we approach master submission, our dedicated and passionate little team continue to pour all of our energy into polishing the game and ensuring it offers loads of entertainment and a real strategic challenge.

“We’ve added depth and complexity to the buildings, resources and combat systems. We’re also continuing to carefully craft the beautiful worlds of Tethered – delicately hand painting objects and landscapes and creating a lush audio experience to ensure we maximize the magical sense of wonder when you take your first steps in our universe.”

VRFocus got to preview Tethered back in June and also sat down with Managing Director, Scott Kirkland for further details on the project. For all the latest updates on Tethered and Secret Sorcery, keep reading VRFocus.

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