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NVIDIA VR Funhouse

NVIDIA Releases VR Funhouse Mod Kit Along With Five Playable Mods, All Open Sourced

They are all different takes on what is already available, and you can get it all on Github.

Today NVIDIA has revealed some juicy additions to its open sourced VR Funhouse application, described as “the world’s most advanced VR game”, which allows users to create more of their own experiences using its GameWorks, PhysX, and VRWorks technology. There is a new editor, mods, and availability to use all of this as of today.

During a press conference yesterday, Victoria Rege, who is involved with NVIDIA’s VR ventures and has produced work as a product marketer, shared the news that there is now a mod kit available for VR Funhouse, which allows users to access the game’s Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) blueprints and assets to create what they will via Steam Workshop. “The idea is that people can create their own levels, they can create their own actual games and experiences using everything that will be provided, ” said Rege.


As well as this new editor, there are also five mods added to VR Funhouse itself that expand on the already available games: Super Whack-A-Mole; Zero-Gravity Goo, where the water that was shot into the clowns’ mouths is replaced with green sludge; Big Top; Great Moles of Fire, where their hair is replaced with fire; and Tommy Gun, where they replaced the pistols with tommy guns for the shooting gallery. These are all available to download for free on the NVIDIA VR Funhouse application, which is also free on Steam.

“It’s not necessarily about building new levels for Funhouse, but we hope that happens. It’s more about enabling the community to build more realistic, more physically accurate types of games that people can enjoy,” said Rege.


VRFocus asked whether or not additional mods would become more frequent, to which Rege replied: “We’re never short of ideas, I actually have lots of requests for Dane, and we are actually going to be working on some downloadable content, some future games that will be announced later in time, so we’re still working on some things. I can’t comment on how many, but we’re definitely going to build and explore.”

As well as these two big bits of news, it is also shared that the full source code for VR Funhouse is available on Github to create their own experiences.

There’s no doubting that NVIDIA VR Funhouse has been a hit, as there have been 100,000 downloads – which is what is estimated to be the number of HTC Vives that have been bought. Rege also went on to say that one of the leading developers who has used VR Funhouse is Sólfar Studios, creators of Everest VR, for its realistic snow physics.

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