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Online coding school Treehouse Introduces VR Techdegree

Learn how to create VR apps with Treehouse’s online course.

While the virtual reality (VR) industry is certainly growing at a rapid rate, with more developers trying their hand at building immersive content, to sustain the growth a significant increase in skilled talent will be needed. Progress is already being made with initiatives such as Crytek’s VR First programme, bring universities on board offering VR related courses. Now Treehouse, an online coding school has announced VR Techdegree, an online certification aimed at aspiring VR developers.

Treehouse Techdegrees are 12-month guided-learning programs designed to prepare students for entry-level developer jobs. The VR Techdegree aims to give students the necessary skills needed for one of the fastest growing areas of technology by learning how to build VR apps.

Treehouse vr-techdegree-nick-pettit

The VR Techdegree will launch in January 2017 providing a curriculum of courses, real-world VR app projects, project code review, peer-to-peer support through Slack, and a final proctored exam. Students who successfully complete the programme will receive a verified certificate and real-world projects, helping to demonstrate their  knowledge and skills to potential employers.

“Our mission is to help people change their lives by getting the certification they need to get a great job in the tech industry,” said Ryan Carson, Treehouse founder and CEO. “VR is going to play a massive role in business in the future, driving a huge number of VR development jobs. We wanted to be the first school to offer a highly effective online credential to prepare people for these exciting new jobs.”

The VR Techdegree is the seventh offering within the company’s Techdegree program, which includes courses in Front End Web Development, Full Stack, JavaScript, iOS, Android, Python, and Java. The programs take between 6 – 12 months to complete as students can complete them at their own pace, are 100% online and  cost from $199 USD per month.

As more VR related learning programmes are created VRFocus will bring you the latest details.

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