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Out of Ammo screenshot

Out of Ammo: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Out of Ammo features 17 Steam Achievements to unlock.

Developer RocketWerkz first launched its virtual reality (VR) strategy title Out of Ammo on Steam Early Access back in April. Then the title fully released on Steam last week for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD), and with it came 17 Steam Achievements to unlock which VRFocus has the full run down below.

The videogame features eight environments to play through, two specialist mission modes and a cooperative multiplayer that supports up to four players. Out of Ammo is currently available on Steam for £14.99 GBP.

Out of Ammo screenshot

Full Achievement List:


Second Lieutenant

Survive for 5 minutes in a single round


First Lieutenant

Survive for 10 minutes in a single round



Survive for 15 minutes in a single round


Good Effect

10 kills with one artillery barrage



Survive for 20 minutes in a single round


Gun Run

Supress or kill 7 units with the strafing run


Lieutenant Colonel

Survive for 25 minutes in a single round



Survive for 30 minutes in a single round


This is my Rifle

10 kills while possessing a rifleman


Florence Nightingale

Assist 20 enemy casualties


Dead Eye

10 kills while possessing a sniper


Splash Damage

Kill 5 units with a single rocket


Last Resort

2 kills while possessing a medic or engineer


Back-blast Clear

10 kills while possessing a rocket unit


Pen Pal

Kill an enemy unit at over 150m


Suppressing Fire

10 kills while using a machine gun emplacement


Target Aquired

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