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Overcome Waves of Panic in Fourthwall’s Surfy Wave For Cardboard With Daydream to Follow

Avoid coral, sharks, and rocks as you take on the role of Surfin’ Bird.

Fourthwall is a studio that previously produced the virtual reality (VR) title Dream Horse, which was very much aimed at a specific audience but filled the hole of what the likes of Nintendogs and Tamagochi proved to be vital in the gaming market. Now the same studio has come out with a new title that is opened up to a wider audience, going from magical forest to panic-filled ocean with Surfy Wave.

Essentially this is Frogger crossed with Flappy Bird, and it certainly instills the same last minute rush of decision that the two are characterised by. Gliding through the ocean as the Surfin’ Bird, you will come across coral, sharks, and rocks that you will have to dodge, jump, and avoid. Surfy Wave is then pulled altogether with the personality of its voxel graphics and funny quotes.

surfy wave screen

Surfy Wave was born out of a fun demo we created during an internal game-jam, and the VR mode was another demo on top of that. We tried attaching a VR camera to the player and adding some sky, and it all worked surprisingly well”, said Chris Etches, founder of Fourthwall to VRFocus. “We are hoping that by packaging the VR mode into the main app we will get more users willing to experiment with it without having to go and download an entirely separate other app.”

Etches went on to explain how this is another step up to the major goal of creating content for Google’s Daydream head-mounted display (HMD): “The different modes, while essentially the same game, play very differently, and the VR mode of Surfy Wave will no doubt help inform our decisions as we work on our upcoming titles for DayDream VR”.

Surfy Wave is currently available on the Google Play Store on Cardboard devices for free, and it will be out for Google’s Daydream once it launches this year.

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