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Tilt Brush - Audio Reactive

Paint With Friends Using Tilt Brush’s Upcoming Multiplayer Feature

See what Google has in store for Tilt Brush.

Google’s Tilt Brush is a fun creative way to enjoy virtual reality (VR) on the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD). The popular app – which currently comes free with every purchase of the headset – has been continuously updated since launch with new features such as the recently included audio reactive brushes. But the Tilt Brush team isn’t stopping there and today they’ve released some of the new ideas being prototyped.

In a Google VR blog posting Drew Skillman, Creative Director, Tilt Brush has revealed some of the new ideas being worked on. The first is a multiplayer mode that lets users come together and share ideas, draw and create, all in the same place and all in real time. The video below showcases this in action.


Going hand-in-hand with multiplayer will be customisable avatars. Only the headset can be seen by other players, but using Tilt Brush’s wide variety of painting options players can customise their virtual headset any way they please.

There’s not many titles that currently utilise the HTC Vive’s front facing camera but that could change with the Portal Brush. Players will be able to see outside their virtual world simply by painting, but it only refreshes at 30fps.

And how about a posable wooden manikin with articulated joints that can be drawn on and posed, certainly an interesting option for budding fashion designers.

The final experiment involves animation using a Zoetrope. This harks back to years gone by when moving scenes were created by placing images inside a rotating wheel, the same principle behind flip books.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Tilt Brush, reporting back with the latest updates.

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