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The Brookhaven Experiment screenshot

Phosphor Games’ The Brookhaven Experiment Ups the Difficulty with Major Update

Can you survive The Brookhaven Experiment on Apocalyptic?

Since developer Phosphor Games released its first-person shooter (FPS) The Brookhaven Experiment in July the team has ensured the title runs as smoothly as possible with several updates on Steam. This week the studio has unveiled its biggest update list to date, with new features as well as various tweaks and improvements.

For players that find The Brookhaven Experiment a bit too easy, now there’s Hard and Apocalyptic, which both apply to campaign and survival modes. Throwables such as grenades have had an overhaul, with items now detonating in a more consistent and reliable manner.

The Brookhaven Experiment screenshot

Its not just improvements to the videogame on HTC Vive that the studio has been working on. Earlier this week VRFocus reported on Phosphor Games confirming it would be porting The Brookhaven Experiment to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE’s) PlayStation VR headset, although no release date was given.

The full changelog of updates can be seen below and VRFocus will continue its coverage of The Brookhaven Experiment, reporting back with any further announcements.
Options screen for things like super-sampling, flashlight shadow-casting, and right vs. left-handed controls.

New difficulty levels! The “default” difficulty that you’ve all been playing is “Normal” difficulty; we’ve added “Hard” and “Apocalyptic.” Set difficulty from the options screen. Difficulty level affects both campaign and survival modes.

Major fixes to throwables; they now detonate reliably and affect all the enemies they are supposed to.

Molotov cocktail has been replaced by the “chemical grenade.” It works similarly: toss the chem grenade to create a puddle of toxic green goo that damages enemies who walk through it. It’s especially effective against arachnids.

You can now switch to special ammo using the menu button, and you get two full magazines worth for whatever gun you’ve chosen.

Campaign difficulty ramp has been tweaked.

New thumbpad menu is larger and easier to read. It only exists on the flashlight/knife controller, and allows you to quit to main menu and instantly swap hands.

Some content has been optimized for performance.

Updated “low health” post-effect to be less obtrusive.

Lucky charm has some new gameplay effects, which we will let you discover for yourself!
Survival Mode changes:

You still acquire SP at the end of every wave, but now the guns and upgrades you purchase stay unlocked – you don’t have to purchase them again every wave.

Throwables in survival mode are now acquired by finding and shooting the wooden “munitions crate.” There’s one in every wave. Maybe there’s a way to get two or three to appear?

The difficulty ramps up more aggressively.

You get a score and a grade when you die. High scores and grades are stored in your save file and displayed at the survival mode map screen. Try to get grade “SSS” in every survival map, we dare you!

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