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Run and Play in Your Own Pierhead Arcade on the HTC Vive

Run your own abandoned arcade and invite your friends over.

Who would have thought arcade and fairground titles would be oh so popular in virtual reality (VR)? Either way, here’s another fairground arcade title coming your way on the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) from Mechabit Ltd, The Pierhead Arcade.

Although it has many of the elements of all of the other arcade titles, this one is slightly different as you can run your own arcade as you have inherited an old pierhead arcade. It is a very lonely life, however, as it is just you who gets to enjoy it – unless you want to invite your friends over.

pierhead screenshot

Players can teleport from machine to machine to play them, and each of the mini games have full hand motion sensing. The following games are available to play: Rocket Ball, Basketball, Bowling, Comet Drop, Arctic Shuffle, Super Punch, Binary Dash, Honey Rush, Shooting Gallery, Scarab Toss, Dino Whack, Cannonball Bounce, Rapid Fire, and the Claw Machine.

Just as you would expect in a pierhead arcade, players can redeem toys at the gift shop using tickets you’ve won while playing the games above.

The Pierhead Arcade is available on Steam for the HTC Vive HMD for £7.99 (GBP).

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