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Samsung’s VR VP Believes 360 Video Makes VR Consumable on a Daily Basis

Where gaming will spark interest every so often, video is what will keep people coming every day.

We have reported on many videogame titles for the mobile-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) Samsung Gear VR, but Samsung itself doesn’t believe that these games are what users enjoy on a daily basis – instead, it is video.

Nick DiCarlo, Vice President of Immersive Products and Virtual Reality at Samsung Electronics America said in a report by NYC Television & Video Week that 360 and VR video sets a “baseline of usage” for consumers to keep coming back again and again.


DiCarlo went on to admit that “Video, we thought, was going to be really important for VR. We believed in 360-degree video as a way to help VR become really mainstream.” This was certainly the case it Samsung went on to release five videos every day for the Gear VR. “The creation and release of 360 video has absolutely blown away our expectations for how rich and creative and capable of an ecosystem that was out there.”

Even though videogames are a great love of those who engage in VR, video is something on the Gear VR that trumps all. DiCarlo explained that “If you love games, you also watch video. But if you watch video you don’t necessarily love games”.

The popularity of video content on the Gear VR isn’t something that we haven’t known, and DiCarlo believes that there is no other HMD that could match up to the likes of the Gear VR.

DiCarlo will also be the keynote speaker for Virtual Reality 20/20 this October in The TimesCenter on the 17th.

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