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ScratchyCAD Launching Kickstarter Campaign for 3D Design Software

The Kickstarter will launch on 1st October.

The makers behind ScratchyCAD, a piece of software that allows users to create programmed 3D objects in a block-based programming language have announced today the planned launch of a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project.

ScratchyCAD brings together computer programming and computer-aided design (CAD) in a simple interface with drag and drop style blocks. It will allow users design and modify 3D models for 3D printing whilst generating animations, videogames, and interactive 3D websites that are viewable on virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs).


Made for beginners and advanced user alike, ScratchyCAD allows you to access complex programming functions to define objects such as shapes, arrays, materials, lights, and simulations. “ScratchyCAD is a great tool for learning complex concepts like algorithmic and parametric design in a simple to use, beginner friendly interface, while maintaining enough complexity for advanced users to create 3D printable objects, VR worlds, simulations, and animations,” said Juan Carlos Orozco lead developer and author.

The Kickstart crowd-funding campaign is due to launch on 1st, October 2016 with a set of courses focused on beginners and entry level learners as part of it. These courses will focus on highlighting ScratchyCAD’s various applications, including parametric modelling for 3D printing, video game design, interactive website development and VR.

The campaign funding goal will be set at $25,000 USD, with ScratchyCAD planning to use the money to refine the user experience, diversify current features, and create didactic workshops for all learning levels to advance their designing and programming skills. To get a PRO license including all the features backers can support the campaign for $10.

Prior to the ScratchyCAD Kickstarter launch anyone interested can head to the official website for further information. VRFocus will bring you further updates on ScratchyCAD as the funding campaign gets underway.

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