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See How Doris’s Life Turned Around In One Woman’s Triumph Over HIV in Africa in 360 Video

After the suffering she has been through, she talks of how she has become more healthy.

It’s very much acknowledged that virtual reality (VR) heightens your empathy, especially when watching films that bring you closer to someone’s struggles, putting you in their shoes for a matter of minutes. Now One, an organisation to end poverty and preventable disease, has produced a film that documents one woman’s struggle living in Ghana with HIV.

In One Woman’s Triumph Over HIV, Doris Yarnie, a 42 year old woman, takes you through what she has experienced while fighting this stigma-ridden virus. She has experienced real tragedy as a result of having HIV, such as her son contracting it and dying after living for only a few months. Despite this low, she was one of the first to get on to the Global Fund-supported  program at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, Ghana, began offering free antiretroviral medication, which stops the progression of HIV.

doris one woman hiv

The video takes you through various scenes in settings that Doris frequents while she talks you through the events of her life. “I am living well, taking my medicine well, eating well,” Doris says in the film. “So I’m healthy!”

One Woman’s Triumph Over HIV was made as part of One’s campaign to support the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, and this film was posted by Seeker Stories.

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