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Phosphor Games - Virtual Reality Cube

The Brookhaven Experiment Gets the Casino Treatment

Can VR videogames and casino gambling benefit each other?

In the quest to make virtual reality (VR) videogame development profitable studios aren’t just looking to sell as much software as possible, as VR content can be utilised in a number of ways. It’s now been revealed that Phosphor Games – the studio behind The Brookhaven Experiment – is working with gambling focused company Gamblit to bring it VR shooter to casinos.

In an interview with GamesIndustry.Biz, Justin Corcoran CEO at Phosphor Games and Gamblit Gaming CMO Darion Lowenstein discussed how they were planning monetise The Brookhaven Experiment into a gambling experience.

Phosphor Games - Virtual Reality Cube

In involves the creation of a Virtual Reality Cube (VRC) which would be located on the casino floor, here visitors can experience VR on HTC Vive whilst placing bets at the same time.

“When you start the experience you basically choose a bet amount – I think right now it’s $15, $25, and $50 are the ranges of what you can bet – and then once the player’s starting, the other people that are watching use tablets to bet on how well they think you’re going to do,” said Lowenstein. “So if you jump in and you’re playing, you’re going to have three different challenges and goals and different rewards for things and then, as I’m watching you, I can bet on, ‘Ok, I bet that James is going to have at least 70% accuracy because he’s a pretty good shot. I bet he can survive the first round. But I’m not going to bet on how much health he has left yet because I would imagine he’s probably going to get below 50% health.’ Stuff like that.”

When asked about the possibility of match fixing, where players and those betting could have planned something like dying at a certain point Lowenstein adds: “The way the betting works is spectators are betting on how well the player does with specific goals – the same ones the player has, not things like dying or losing. In fact, if the player dies, everyone loses their bets. So, the player is incentivized to complete their challenges and survive, as are the spectators. Everyone benefits if the player does well, not if they lose.”

Brookhaven Experiment-Casino Spectator

Phosphor Games has been working on this casino version of The Brookhaven Experiment for several months now but don’t expect to see it in your local casino just yet. The two companies are still working out distribution plans of casinos, with Gamblit testing out interest by debuting the project at G2E in Las Vegas from 27th – 29th September.

“At Phosphor we always try to be at the forefront of gaming technology. We were one of the first in mobile, we were one of the first in motion gaming, we’re one of the first in VR, and, for us, this is another frontier we’re very excited about,” commented Corcoran.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of The Brookhaven Experiment, reporting back with any further updates.

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