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The Dutch National Ballet Creates VR-Only Performance Titled Night Fall

It is inspired by famous ballets such as Swan Lake, and is exclusively available for VR.

It seems as though the finer arts are leaking into virtual reality (VR), and rightfully so as it brings a whole new perspective to beautiful ballet performances, for example. The Dutch National Ballet has gone one step further and created a ballet just for VR, called Night Fall.

Created by the Dutch National Ballet and &samhoud media, Night Fall was choreographed by former dancer from the Dutch National Ballet, and it was inspired by “white acts” from ballets such as Swan Lake.

dutch national ballet night fall

In an interview with Samsung, Peter Leung, Choreographer of the piece, said: “It was quite a challenge to coordinate all the different aspects and to see if it would work, as a Virtual Reality ballet has never been created before. The filming was a totally new experience for me as well. We had to hide away and not get in the camera’s sightline, as it films everything in 360 degrees. That meant that I couldn’t see how a take had gone. The result, however, is poetic and magical.”

It claims to be the first VR ballet, however there have been a number of ballet performances showcased on VR, such as Firebird: La Peri for the HTC Vive, developed by Innerspace VR.

Night Fall can be viewed on a Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard for free, and it is featured on YouTube.

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