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The VR Challenge: Day One Mentor Wrap Up With Cherry Pop Games & Climax Studios

See what the mentors thought of the creations happening during the game jam.

Yesterday was the kickoff of VRFocus‘ first ever game jam, The VR Challenge (VRC), and it hasn’t only been new for us. The two mentors who attended yesterday stuck around and gave a helping hand to each of the developers who have been bound to their workstations, and through working with them the mentors themselves were even surprised.

Below you can see how Bradley Hester of Cherry Pop Games and Russ Earwaker of Climax Studios helped out the attendees, and guage how well each of the teams are doing. There is even a bit of a hint as to what one of the teams is doing to interpret “a safe pair of hands”, the topic for this game jam. It seems as though there is a mix of ability, but despite that they are all as equally likely to get stuck on the simplist of problems.

Stay with VRFocus for the developments of VRC as it progresses throughout today and concludes at 5pm BST. But, in the meantime make sure to check back for all the news, updates, and features in the world of VR.

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