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Uncover The Reason Behind the Darkness in Here They Lie Launch Trailer

More creepy goings on revealed in the new trailer.

Ever since June’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) unveiling of horror title Here They Lie, the developers have kept fairly quiet on the project. Created by The  Tangentlemen and Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) Santa Monica Studio for PlayStation VR, the team has now released a launch trailer for the horror title.

Here They Lie is a surreal, psychological horror that put players in a nightmarish world that doesn’t go for jump scares, rather a slower more methodical build up of fear and dread. The Tangentlemen achieve this not only through the visual art style, but also with spatial audio and lighting to increase the suspense.

The video begins with a character (possibly you) walking towards a mirror in a dishevelled bathroom, you can see the figure but its not all there, as if looking into water. As the narrator questions ‘how many ways are there to lose yourself?’ the footage moves between grim sewers and a brightly lit building with a young walking through who’s glowing yellow. There’s one very quick image – blink and you’ll miss it – of an area filled with people and a blood red sea before jumping back to Here They Lie’s black and white world.

Just to add to the mystery behind the story of Here They Lie, The Tangentlemen has created a very weird website called the Daedalus Project. Here you’ll find an assortment of images (not from the videogame) split between four areas: Artifacts, Manifestations, Procedures and Testimony. Head into each on and you’ll be met will several images and creepy sounds.

Here They Lie is a launch title for PlayStation VR so there’s only a couple of weeks to wait. If any further details are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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