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Voice-based Stealth Thriller Stifled Comes to Tokyo Game Show in VR

Don’t make too much sound or else you’ll unearth something terrible.

When experiencing a horror in virtual reality (VR), the usual way to go about it is to be terrified by what you can and can’t see, whether or not you are seen, and to shamelessly make sounds in reaction to what you’re being put through. During this year’s Tokyo Game Show there will be a different kind of horror game to experience that depends primarily on your voice and sound, Stifled, and there will be a VR version shown.

Stifled mimics the sounds that you make through your microphone input, developed by the Singapore-based studio Gattai Games, and what this does is unveils another world through what they call “echolocation”. As you can see in the trailers for the titles, there is a black and white setting that reacts just as it says, in a ripple effect according to your voice.

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However, you need to make sure to remain hidden or else your voice will attract unwanted creatures who are also lurking in the dark alongside you without you knowing.

As this is a horror title, you can only imagine what this could uncover, and how your reactions could get you into some pretty horrific situations, and so this is why it is also called a thriller stealth title.

This will come as a VR version during the Tokyo Game Show 2016, but there isn’t too much info at this point as to which head-mounted display (HMD) is going to be used.

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