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VR Art Exhibition I Saw it Whole: A Virtual Deconstruction to Feature in London For a Month

The UK capital will be able to take a closer look at Scarlet Mueller’s woodcuts.

One artist, the Zurich-based Scarlet Mueller, is bringing her work to virtual reality (VR) after a successful summer last year showing off her non-VR art pieces. Now Mueller has taken the leap from traditional to what is the latest emerging platform right now, VR, with I Saw it Whole: A Virtual Deconstruction.

Essentially what this exhibition is all about is what Scarlet Mueller created this time last year, but with the use of VR to let attendees have an even closer look at the woodcuts she made during the Summer Graduate Show in the Anise Gallery using the HTC Vive.

Scarlet Mueller_Condition_75x60

In a press release it was explained how this piece was taken from being a regular exhibition becoming a VR piece: “The first element of achieving this was the expansion of Scarlet’s two-dimensional work into the three-dimensional realm, before translating it into virtual reality. Given the historical value of the woodcutting process, transforming Scarlet’s work through virtual reality presents it afresh and showcases the real-time artists’ interpretation. All the while the authenticity and authorship of the work is preserved and celebrated.”

Now that VR is gradually becoming a more regular thing to the general public, it is easier for the gallery to bring it in and have it set up for people to come in and visit. After trying out VR last year, the gallery “allows the viewer to enter the artwork and fully comprehend the process of this intriguing medium.”

It’s also said that by using VR there will be a certain level of pushing boundaries that are traditionally obeyed in art to then join it with technology, all while letting exhibition goers to enjoy Scarlet Mueller’s woodcut prints.

The exhibition will be open from 17th September until 15th October of this year, and it will be featuring in the Anise Gallery in London, UK.

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