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VRFair2016 poster

VRFair2016 Taking Place in Poland Next Month

If you’re in Poland next month there’s a dedicated VR event going on.

While the virtual reality (VR) industry and its worldwide presence has grown massively over a few short years it still has some way to go before fully entering the public consciousness. Dedicated VR events help the cause and a new one will be taking place next month in Poland.

Called VRFair2016, the event is co-hosted by IamVR and the Mayor of Zagan. It’s set to become one of the largest dedicated VR shows ever held in the country. VR and augmented reality (AR) companies from around the world are expected to be exhibiting with VRVisio (formerly VROne) who made RiftCoaster, Chernobyl VR Project developers TheFarm51 and VR Enter currently confirmed.

VRFair2016 poster

VRFair2016 is a public exhibition being held at the historic Palace in Zagan, famous for hosting the Congress of Vienna. The city itself is well known for the German concentration camp which was the inspiration for the MGM/UA film The Great Escape. The mayor has big plans for the city with a further plan to revitalize the concentration camp and create a VR experience, with proceeds from the event to be used in part to help bring the VR Great Escape Project to life.

This is first event to be hosted by IamVR, a company which primarily focuses on raising awareness of VR and AR through its website and social media channels. It’s scheduled two take place over two days, from 22nd – 23rd October 2016. For anyone interested in participating in the event or for further information head to the VRFair2016 website.

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