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Washington Leadership Academy

Washington Leadership Academy Receives $10m to Develop VR Education Applications

VR in education is accelerating in a big way.

The Washington Leadership Academy (WLA) opened last month with a view to transform the lives of local students through accelerated learning opportunities. That vision may now become a reality, as WLA has been selected by Laurene Powell Jobs as part of the XQ: The Super School Project, offering a total of $10 million USD to assist in new learning technologies.

Washington Leadership Academy

The XQ: The Super School Project is a competition that Laurene Powell Jobs funded to infuse new energy into the high schools across North America. The challenge drew applications from 700 teams for the previously announced five $10 million prizes, but Ali and Powell Jobs doubled that figure in response to the unexpected interest.

Revolutionary Education Ventures (REV), operated by Seth Andrew and Stacy Kane, will co-operate with WLA to develop ‘engaging new academic content’, including educational virtual reality (VR) applications. The team promised that the content will then be shared with students across the world.

Following this news, REV have opened a number of new job opportunities aimed at developing brand new educational experiences:

“We need your help because WE’RE HIRING! Please refer us the best teachers & technologists you know who want to reimagine high school with us. Please send resumes to Talent@WLApcs.org or introduce us directly,” reads the official statement from REV and WLA. “We’re so grateful to the hundreds of students, families, teammates and supporters who have brought WLA to life! Thanks for your continued support and please send us talent!”

Exactly how the projects relating to educational VR will develop is not yet known, however WLA and REV have already offered their students some short experiences through Google Cardboard devices, as can be seen in the video below. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest developments in using VR to support education.

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