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XING: The Land Beyond Dev Releases New Mixed Reality Screenshots

White Lotus Interactive teases new images for its puzzle title.

Earlier this week White Lotus Interactive released a blog posting full of new information regarding puzzle exploration title XING: The Land Beyond. The main news came in the form of support for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD), alongside new GIFS, trailer and mixed reality (MR) screenshots. Now the developer has released a further two MR images showcasing players in the videogames various landscapes.

The two images below detail players in beach and snow landscapes. The beach is an earlier level as its been shown on numerous occasions and was the first to be released by the studio.

A first-person puzzle adventure, XING: The Land Beyond transports players to XING, an afterlife where secrets lay in wait to be uncovered telling the truth about why you’re there and who you are. The videogame is littered with environment-based puzzles which require powers and abilities gained along the way to solve them, such as rain and snow.

XING: The Land Beyond utilises two different movement methods. The first is becoming a virtual reality (VR) standard, teleportation. For XING’s teleportation you hold your thumb down point to a location and release. For further control rotate your wrist to alter the direction you wish to face after teleporting.

The other movement mechanic is Free Movement, similar to traditional first-person shooter (FPS) controls. Using the HTC Vive controller hold the touchpad down and you’ll move in the direction the controller is pointed, pull up on the controller to slow down.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of XING: The Land Beyond, reporting back with any further updates.

XING The Land Beyond VR Vive 04 Virtually Snowing XING The Land Beyond VR Vive 05 Tablet on the Beach

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