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A Large Quantity of Mushrooms

A Large Quantity of Mushrooms Takes You to a Dark World on Oculus Rift

Checkout the launch trailer for the title.

There’s nothing like a good horror movie at Halloween to get you into the spirit of the occasion, but nowadays virtual reality (VR) can create even more hair raising reactions. Launched this week for Oculus Rift is A Large Quantity of Mushrooms, a dark horror title by Raw Lion Workshop.

Mixing horror, exploration and puzzles with otherworldly realities, A Large Quantity of Mushrooms puts players in a seemingly lifeless world but in the dark strange creatures lurk.

A Large Quantity of Mushrooms

Head out into the night and interact with the environment to discover the nature of this bizarre new reality where not everything is as it seems. Learn the story of those that dwell there, solve the riddles along the way and try not to get too scared.

A Large Quantity of Mushrooms is a slow paced title that’s available to download now from Oculus Home for $9.99 USD/¬£7.99 GBP.

If that’s not enough Oculus is currently offering several horror themed titles at a discount including: Dreadhalls, Albino Lullaby, Dead Secret and Into The Dead until 1st November 2016.

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