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Bithell Games Announces EarthShape for Daydream

Bithell Games has been working on a Daydream compatible title.

Google’s event today, ‘Made By Google’ didn’t disappoint in terms of virtual reality (VR) announcements. The Daydream View hardware has finally been revealed along with some of the videogames and apps that’ll be coming to the device. Adding to that has been Mike Bithell, a British indie videogame developer who’s been working on Volume: Coda for PlayStation VR. He’s now revealed EarthShape for Daydream.

As Bithell describes EarthShape in a Tumblr post:”It’s a game about the millennia spanning mission of the first astronaut to leave Earth and terraform the universe. A ‘StarSeeker’ joined by a plucky lander. Together, they’ll travel the universe planting flowers and kicking off life through a fun new gameplay mechanic.”

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The developer will be working with a team of veterans on the project including composer Russell Shaw (who composed the music for the Fable franchise), animator Tim Borrelli (Red Faction, Saints Row) plus several others. He’s also managed to get the vocals talents of Sue Perkins (The Great British Bake Off) to tell the story and lend her comedy talents as well.

No further detail’s on the project have been released other than a couple of screenshots, which showcase a unique, cartoony art style featuring the astronaut and the lunar pod.

Daydream will be launching in November for $79 USD in a slate colour. It going to be the first headset that’ll be available in other combinations with crimson and snow being launched at a later date. The event has also seen the reveal of Pixel, Google’s first smartphone that’s Daydream compatible. No other smartphones were unveiled at the event to be compatible.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Daydream and EarthShape, reporting back with any further announcements.

Earthshape image 2

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